Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maybe Jesus Never Had Sisters

A little over a month ago, our family was asked if we could prepare a musical number to present during the church service a few weeks later.  I'm fairly certain this request came not because our family possesses any particular musical talent*, but more likely because we posses three very adorable daughters.  I was told it could be our entire family, just the girls, a solo by anyone (my vote was for Chris, but for some reason he didn't think that was a good idea), or just a piano piece.

I figured our best bet was to have just the girls sing.  They jumped at the chance.  We chose a children's song, one of my favorites, called "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus", and the practicing commenced.

There's nothing quite like hearing sweet, angelic voices sing about all the ways they're trying to emulate the Savior while the owners of those voices are engaging in near fistfights over who gets to stand where and whether anyone should be touching anyone else.

Fortunately they managed to get that all out of their systems before the big day.  For all everyone at church knows, our girls are always as calm and composed as they were that morning.

What they don't know won't hurt them.

*Chris just read this out loud, and Ellie announced indignantly, "I'm talented!"  So I guess we posses one musical talent, as well as three adorable daughters.  Sorry.


  1. I love Ellie's self-esteem. May she never loose it.

  2. Oh, I wish I could have seen it. Fist fights and all.


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