Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Last Hurrah

Saturday we celebrated summer one last time in true Oregon style. Rain? Who cares!*

*We planned a similar adventure for Memorial Day but cancelled due to rain.  It ended up being 90 degrees that day.  So, hoping for a similar outcome, we went ahead with our plans this time.  The outcome was not similar.  We had fun anyway.

We spent the day at Trillium Lake near Mt. Hood with our good friends Tod and Donna and their three kids, who are conveniently close in age to our own kids.

Chris and Tod put up a shelter, which we mostly used to protect our stuff from the rain, since we chose the moment of the biggest rainfall to take our walk around the lake.

Ellie helped.

We love Trillium because there's plenty to keep the kids occupied all day long and the scenery is breathtaking.

Lexi and Anya found this great seesaw tree and spent a good part of the day bouncing up and down.

Vicki and Kate named trees on our walk around the lake.

This one is called Curly:

This all I saw of Ellie and Leif for pretty much the whole walk.

In fact, it’s almost the only picture I have with Leif in it. He was pretty busy the whole day.

I have more pictures of Ellie, though. Like this one:

She was wondering what might live in there. I think it’s rather fortunate for her that nothing does.

Lexi found a tree stump and declared herself Queen of the Forest.

And Vicki worked on figuring out what she can still do with one good arm.

She can still make cobbler.  Yum.

Unfortunately we had to cut our day a little short, due to the rain and cold (and broken arm), but clearly everyone had a good time.

And we still got to eat our S’mores, they were just prepared in a less conventional, but still very tasty, way.


  1. Looks like way too much fun. I wanna go!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and beautiful! I love the sweatshirts in summer look that the northwest necessitates.


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