Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

I’m rereading the Anne of Green Gables series. It’s like revisiting an old friend. Comfort reading at its finest.

When did 4th graders get to be so old? I remember 4th grade.

It’s kind of sad to think that, of all the cheeses in the world, the one named after my country has to be the nastiest one.

It’s also sad when my baby starts referring to her once-beloved Dora the Explorer as “dumb doofus Dora”.

Word thinks I spelled “doofus” wrong, but it doesn’t have any reasonable suggestions for spelling alternatives that would still mean the same thing.

How did I manage for four years in a house with stairs without a canister vacuum?

You’d think after she swallowed the penny we wouldn’t have any more issues with money in the mouth. You’d think so, but you’d be wrong.

This morning I cleaned out the fridge. Ew.  I really should do that more often.  When you can't identify what the thing in the Rubbermaid container used to be, it's been way, waaaaay too long.

Vague Facebook statuses irritate me to no end. C’mon people! If you have something to share, share it. Don’t fish for comments. It’s annoying.

I wish our scanner worked.

I love it when giant old-people cars driven by little old ladies have bumper stickers that make me laugh out loud.

I have the most interesting conversations with Vicki. Last night we talked about atheists.

Today I feel productive. It’s a good feeling.


  1. amen! on the facebook status comment. I mean seriously people!! I read one today taht said...So-and-so is losing hope...I don't feel bad in saying that if you aren't going to say what you're losing hope in then I really don't care!!

  2. Ok, now I want an example of a bumper sticker from a little old lady's car.

  3. I am watching the Anne movies while I exercise in the evening. I agree they are the best old friends out there.

  4. I also concurr with the facebook status, because of, well, that one time. That was horrible. Anyways, cheers!

  5. I encourage all sorts of derogatory remarks about Dora from any age child or adult. Either way, sometimes growing up means disparaging what we suddenly deem 'childish'

  6. I also reread the Anne books. Jack knows when I am reading them because I start talking about the moon and nature a lot.
    I put American cheese in the meatloaf last night. It was not well received. :)

  7. American cheese is not cheese. Just like Velveeta and that powdery stuff in Kraft Mac'n'cheese.

  8. Hey Linds, I'm not actually gonna post what the bumper sticker said. It made me laugh, but I'm a liberal. Suffice it to say most of my readers won't find it as funny as I did :)


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