Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Happy Earth Day!  Today Lexi's class is going to take a walking trip to pick up trash around the school & surrounding neighborhood.  She put rubber gloves and a garbage bag in her backpack but she forgot her lunch.  Go figure.

Why is everything happening this weekend?  I mean EVERYTHING.

The pajama pants are done and ready to be worn at camp tomorrow night!  Yay!

Did you know that if 20 people each dump a can of Campbell's soup into a pot (doesn't matter what flavor - pick your favorite) and you stir it all up together, it's actually quite good?

My brain is on overdrive.

I miss blogging.  Why is it that whenever I sit down to blog, I can't think of anything interesting to say?  Someone give me a topic.  Not a hot-button topic, just something fun.  Ready?...Go!


  1. Topic ideas:

    Why are short men so strangly attractive?

    5 minute recipe ideas

    How to overcome a tendency to be a people pleaser

    Ringtones: what is acceptable and what is not?

    Stuff no one knows about you

    We miss you blogging..forget the kids, calling, wife, responsibility thing...get your priorities in order! Blogging comes FIRST!! :)

  2. All of the above ideas were great, so I don't feel like you need anymore from me (ok, I'm just being lazy).

  3. I'll give you a topic: the chick pea is neither a chick nor a pea....discuss....

  4. I want to know what you eat for lunch. Every. single. day.

  5. I love the people that know you. They are much more creative than I. I want to know how you know the Cambell's soup idea.

    Oh, and what are you reading?

  6. How about your favorite roommates in the entire world? :)
    I think of a million things to blog about, but when I actually sit down, I have nothing.

  7. Wow, you guys are the best. Of course now I actually have to have a legitimate reason for not posting, instead of just "I couldn't think of anything to write about."

    Thankfully, for the next few days, I have that.

    After this weekend, though, the bloggy fun begins!

    Also, keep the ideas coming. You never know when writer's block will strike, right?

  8. A bunch of different kinds of soup mixed together, I've always wondered if that would be good. We've all thought about it, but you actually had the guts to do it. Right on. Fight the power.

    What's going on this weekend?

  9. Oh, girl scout camp.
    Right on.


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