Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

I'm going to take a leaf out of Pam's book and say that skinny jeans do not belong on persons of the male persuasion.  No exceptions.  In fact, in my opinion, skinny jeans in general just need to go the way of the Hammer Pants.

I'm supposed to be getting ready for our big, super-exciting girls' trip to Utah.  We leave tomorrow.  And here I am, blogging.

But I have accomplished some things today, so I don't actually feel too guilty.

It would be really nice if the two 4-year-olds running around here would stop trashing my house, though.  Every time I pick something up, they've gotten something else out to replace it.

And they think I'm going to get out the Playdoh for them?  Ha!

Yesterday I taught 9 girls how to read a pattern.  Then I taught 3 girls how to lay and cut out said pattern.  After the remaining 6 do it, I get to teach them all how to sew it together.  This will be really interesting.

But when we all wear our homemade pajama pants to camp, we will be the awesomest troop there!

The Google searches that lead people to my blog sometimes kind of creep me out.

I would like to know how the entire staff of a restaurant can think that a sign reading "Cornbeef 'n Cabage and Shepards Pie" is okay.

Did I mention that something I submitted made it onto the "Blog" of "Unneccesary" Quotation Marks?  Because it did.  I feel so special.

I'm so glad Spring Break is happening after a week like this one.

Now I really have to get some things done.  Because, tomorrow, I'm leavin' on a jet plane! (although I do actually know when I'll be back again, but still...)


  1. So you ARE coming to Utah! Yea! When I saw your name on the invite, I was hopefull, but not TOO hopefull...

    Last night I saw a guy wearing skinny capris. And turquoise Keds. In a bar. Don't ask.

    You are making your own pants for girl's camp? You are teaching the girls to be domestic heros! I am jealous I'm not part of your troop.

  2. I am coming to Utah, but, sadly, I'm missing out on the shower I'm co-hosting. We've had this trip planned with Chris's mom & sister for longer than Adrienne's even had her wedding planned. I'll be in St. George, not Park City. My mom still wanted me to feel included, though, so I've been giving input from the sidelines. And I'll be there in spirit. It would be really cool if I was there in life-size cardboard cutout, but alas...

    There is no badge for being a domestic hero, but we're making pants anyway.

  3. Aw. Hopes dashed. *disappointed face*

  4. I know :(

    Okay, I know you said not to, but I'm going to ask anyway...what on earth were you doing in the kind of bar where you might run into guys in skinny capris and turquoise keds? You can't just leave me hanging like that...

  5. Okay, since you forced it out of me. I was attending Zack's step-sister's wedding, performed by Zack's little brother who received his reverand's license online and who was dressed as a referee. And there were bagpipers there! Woot!
    Nothing like a wedding in a bar on St. Patrick's Day.

  6. Ha! That's funny that you submitted a quotation sign too! I took that photo at Pamela's concert a couple of months ago. How long did yours take to get on the website?

  7. Love the quotation marks. Too funny!!

  8. I really resisted the skinny jeans, but once I tried them on, I really liked them. But, on men, no. Absolutely not.


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