Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Our 2-year-old babysitting friend keeps talking about “Sleeping Booty” and it’s so hard to not fall over laughing. Ellie, on the other hand, doesn’t think it’s funny at all and keeps trying to correct her. It’s not working out so well.

I’m getting really excited for Girl Scout camp next month!

I love the book fair at the girls’ school. I love that each kid takes home a free book, whether or not they actually buy anything. I love that Ellie couldn’t wait to spend her $5 from grandma on a book. I love my friend Erica for putting the whole thing together. What I don’t love is all the non-book junk offered at the book fair. Thank you, Scholastic, for making me the bad guy for insisting that my children purchase actual book-type things, even though it’s their own money, instead of a $5 PDA (how long before it fell apart or died, and guesses?) and a little tiny stuffed dog in a bag (as if we don't already have several tiny little dogs which came in bags.)

Can you guess which girl wanted the PDA and which one wanted the dog?

Today, in addition to the usual laundry, I get to wash (and then iron) over 25 yards of fabric. This should be fun.

Haiku of the day:
The smell of soil
Makes me feel I could grow things
Or hide dead bodies.
(I didn’t write it, but it makes me laugh.)

Thinking of getting an iPad? Then you definitely need this product. No doubt about it.

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog lately.  Life is busy.

From the “things I shouldn’t have to tell them to stop doing” category: don’t sing “Hap-py Birth-day Mister Pres-i-dent” Marilyn Monroe-style in front of your kids. Just take my word on this one.

Ellie got in bed with me at 5:30 this morning and wiggled and whispered and loved on me until she finally fell back to sleep, about two seconds before I had to get up. I just keep reminding myself how much I love her.

Carrie should not have posted that video on her blog.  Now I'm all weepy.  (But it's a good weepy!)

There are almost no Girl Scout cookies left in my house.

Everyone is someone else’s weirdo. Am I yours?


  1. The Apple IPad cover with protective wings! Ahhhh! I'm laughing (almost) too hard to type!
    If you buy that then you will become my weirdo.

  2. I love the iMaxi! I forwarded it to Russ. He works in an office that is dedicated to all things Apple.

    Sorry but you asked for it. Why did you sing Happy Birthday Mr. President in front of your girls?

  3. You have a long way to go before you measure up to weird in my household. Instead, you're my slightly goofy friend. ;)

  4. Ok, that iMaxi, makes me want to vomit. SICK!!!

  5. Emily, I sang it like that because Vicki was going to audition for a part in a chorus at the high school's Broadway revue, and they were having all the kids sing "Happy Birthday". We were talking about it at dinner, and I decided to demonstrate how not to sing it. Classic example of opening my mouth before my mind had time to tell me to keep it shut. At least she didn't sing it like that at the audition! o_O

    And Lindsey, I think the iMaxi is hilarious! Granted, I'd never buy it, but then I'll never own an iPad (and that name makes me cringe every time), so it won't matter.


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