Monday, March 9, 2009

VitalSmarts and you

My brother Robbie (sorry, but I just can't call you "Rob") works for a company called VitalSmarts. He films, edits, and produces promotional videos for them. Recently he posted on his blog about how they were searching for various items in order to finish up filming. The things they still needed were:
  • telescoping document tube w/strap
  • men's leotard
  • spiked black leather steel-toe boots (size 13)
  • ferret
  • old man
  • water cooler
He did stipulate that not all of these items were in the same film, but still...I've been holding out hope that the ferret, old man, and men's leotard might wind up in the same film.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. However, the videos did turn out to be as great as anything left to the creativity of my brother. With the exception, of course, of "The Texas Pop-Tarts Massacre". Nothing will ever equal that in greatness. Maybe one day he'll post that on YouTube for the world to enjoy (hint, hint, little brother.)

You can watch all the videos on a playlist at the company's website, or you can watch them individually on YouTube:
If you've ever met Robbie, you'll know instantly that he's found a stable film career that will allow him to be himself. He helped shoot the first 4 and did most of the editing for "Jurassic Sales Call", "The Layoff", and "Casual Friday". Yay Robbie!

Now, I'm off to find me some Ferret Chips, because, as it says right on the package, they're "real yummy!"


  1. Why are my cousins so funny? And why do they make weird, somewhat disturbing, videos that I tend to like and find myself quoting often? Case in point: "I'M gonna go KILL some people!!!" Ah, Texas Poptart Massacre...
    Thanks for the link to Rob's website. I didn't even know it existed. And that's a shame on account of how entertaining it is.
    And I know what you mean about calling him Robbie. Danny goes by Dan now and I. Just. Can't. Call him that.

  2. That was really funny! I do want to hear about the Texas Poptart Massacre.

  3. Those were hysterical! Loved the ferret one, definitely my favorite. So funny!! And your brother has done a good job because it made me want to use vital smarts. Even though I have no need for them at all.


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