Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Photos Friday

This will most likely not be a weekly thing, like Random Thoughts Thursday, but I have these pictures I wanted to post without doing a whole bunch of random little posts for them, and I like the sound of "Random Photos Friday".

Ellie made me a robot out of Legos yesterday. He has stripey pants and a purple flower on his shoulder. I loved him, but, alas, he is no more. Good thing I took a picture.

Then, also yesterday, Ellie came up to me wearing our ugly dress-up wig (yes, it's THAT wig) and said, "Look, Mommy! I have hair just like you!" So of course I had to take a picture of our matching hair.

No real reason for this picture. I just really love this guy.

This past week was Girl Scout week, and a local pizza place, Papa's Pizza, was giving away free personal sized pizzas to any Girl Scouts in uniform, so we met up with some fellow Brownies and had a good time. The pizza's not bad, and even better (if you're a kid) is that they have a big play area. The kids may not have eaten much pizza, but they had a great time!


  1. Love the picture of you! You look gorgeous! We don't get to see very many pictures of you. I miss you!

  2. Allison!!!

    So great to have you find me through Rocks in my Dryer. What a random connection.

    I love the pics of your girls. I really wish I would have had 3 girls, but we got a boy and my husband is over the moon excited.

    So glad that we can connect again.

  3. I've decided, Chris should smile more. He always looks so serious...

  4. Kids in wigs! Yea!
    I must say, Ellie makes that wig look Goooood. (Not that it ever didn't look good...)

  5. Way cute. The girls are getting so grown up and beautiful! I also really like the robot, to bad he is no more.

  6. I am glad to see picturse of all of you. It has been too long!


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