Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The gospel according to Ellie

First of all, this becomes more entertaining if you know how Ellie pronounces "Jesus". Or maybe it won't. But I think it's cute, and it's my blog, so you'll all just have to deal with me. Ellie says all her "j" sounds like "zh", so "Jesus" becomes "Zhezhus" (she throws that second "zh" in there just to spice things up, I think.)

Okay, on to the funny stuff.

Awhile ago (to be honest, I've just been waiting for the opportune moment to blog this) Ellie and I had the following conversation:
  • E: Mom, who is Jesus' dad?
  • M: Heavenly Father.
  • E: Oh. Is Jesus' dad in charge?
  • M: Yes, He is.
  • E: Hey! Just like I'm in charge!

Then today we had this discussion while driving to the store:
  • E: I know, Mom! Let's go to Wendy's for lunch!
  • M: No, Ellie, we just had Wendy's the other day, so we're not going to have it again for a while.
  • E: Aw, Moooooom...
There is silence and I assume we've moved on.
  • E: Hey, Mom? Jesus wants us to follow His directions.
  • M: That's right, He does.
  • E: Mommy, we're not following Jesus' directions.
  • M: We're not? How come?
  • E: Because Jesus wants us to go to Wendy's for lunch.


  1. Aha! She has learned to tap into an authority over you! Very clever. Now anytime she wants something, she can say, "Well, Jesus wants..."

  2. Now you have a new perspective on her world. The next time she does something you don't understand you can just think "Oh yeah. She thinks she's in charge...". :)

  3. She is one smart cookie! That made me laugh!

  4. That girl cracks me up! And I'm glad that you told us how she pronounces Jesus. I love the way Ellie talks. Such a character. And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with a three year old who thinks she's in charge.


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