Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

When did my life get to be so crazy busy??? And yet there's still more potential activities to add to the mix! I don't know how my mother ever did it with 4 kids. Three will drive me insane one of these days.

It's really unfair how one day of not cleaning can take several days to recover from. I'm not enjoying that.

Look, cookies!
Nothing like last year, though. I just have the cookies for Lexi's much smaller troop this year. The best part is they've been here since Saturday and I've only had one cookie! Vicki and Lexi each bought their own box. Vicki still has 4 left (out of 15), but Lexi tore through her entire box in less than 24 hours. And poor Ellie keeps bugging me to open a box of "the red kind" (Tagalongs...mmmmmm...they're a family favorite) and I'm mean and won't do it yet. Because if I open them, I'll eat them.

I did not feel motivated to do anything productive today. This is not good for my newly discovered clean freakedness.

Evidence that my children have the coolest school counselor EVER: she buys a box of cookies from each one of our Brownies (that's 14 at $4 each); she brings her therapy dog, Maggie the Labradoodle, to school at least once a week and gets Maggie's school picture taken every year (for Halloween Maggie wore a blond wig to school and was Maggie Montana); she invited kids to have lunch with her in her office when she thinks they need a little extra attention, and they're always welcome to bring along a friend or three; she gets down to Ellie's level to talk to her whenever we see her at school (Ellie calls her "my friend, Miss N."); and best of all:
They planned this in advance, and she keeps asking Ellie when they can have a pink feather boa day again.

I love the sunshine.

We thought all the Oregon stations had decided to go ahead with the digital switchover on Black Tuesday (oh, I mean the 17th), but apparently not. At least, we still get all the channels we were getting before, which means PBS, NBC, and Fox, without using the converter box, with which we seem to be having an on-again off-again relationship. Considering the relationship, the delay works for us. The reception's not fantastic, but at least we still have it.

Speaking of relationships, I think I've found a new website for all my future Valentine's needs. Because every relationship needs an evening where the woman glues feathers to an old bra and announces, "It's time for plucking!" (if you don't believe me, check out the products section, under "relationship consultant". And for the more...sensitive...of you, this is not an, um, enhancement product site at all - totally clean and, frankly, quite frighteningly G-rated.)

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? I don't think so. But I am currently not on speaking terms with my bathroom scale.


  1. I like all the sites you post so I shall endevour to explore this one also.

    On a semi-related note, I forgot to post how incredibly awesome your Twilight related links were. HALARIOUS! I laughed so hard I cried..... and then cried again because I realized how much I am obsessed with those books.

  2. Two thoughts ! Thank you for advertising that site I am unable to do it on my blog because it was a well meaning friend who showed it to me. She thought it was "a little cheesey but good." It is a sad sad world.

    Second, for being so "above fancy" as Vicki seems to be she sure knows how to pull a pose in pictures.

  3. Mmmm.... girl scout cookies. You are much stronger than me. I would have broken into at least two boxes already.

  4. Wow.

    I would comment on everything else, but I'm overwhelmed by one paragraph and the corresponding link.

  5. just found a comment on a blog to make it 3 columsn! am wondering if you have any idea why i am getting an error?!


  6. Your girls are really pretty...of course from their genes, I'm not surprised!


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