Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Way too fast

Allow me to update you on my ongoing cleaning project: the closets are almost finished! I spent Monday going through the clothes we’ve stored in the girls’ closet, which ranged from size 18 months clear up to 6x. I narrowed those down to a small stack of things that will fit Lexi or Ellie in the near future and put the rest aside to re-sell or take to Goodwill or the DI. Yesterday I tackled the boxes in the playroom closet. Those were full of clothes from birth to 12 months. It made me sad, looking at all those little tiny outfits and remembering when the girls were that little. Ellie came in, and I showed her one of the tiniest sleepers. She thought it was hilarious that it used to fit her, because, “I’m so big now, Mommy!”

Now that I’ve been through all the clothes, here’s what I ended up with: one small box of baby clothes I can’t bear to part with, one big blue Rubbermaid bin to take to the resale shop, one large box for my niece, one medium-sized box for the girl I babysit, four (count ‘em!) apple-crate boxes for Goodwill/DI, and two big black garbage bags for the dump. Why on earth we saved all that stained and falling apart stuff is beyond me, but I doubt Goodwill will want them.

Ellie may have thought all those itty-bitty clothes were funny, but I have to admit I shed a few tears over them. My girls have gotten so big, so fast. So, in honor of my sentimental self, here are baby pictures of all three girls. Time really does fly!

Vicki, 3 months.
(This is the only baby picture of her I have on the computer. We didn't get a digital camera until she was 2 1/2 - I scanned this one in a long time ago, before the scanner broke.)

Lexi, 9 months

Ellie, 5 months

Yeah, I know, they're cute. What can I say? :)


  1. I love how each of your girls has their own look. And they always have! You are right - they are cute!

  2. They do grow so fast. And I'm with you, I have a really hard time parting with the baby clothes.


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