Monday, September 10, 2007


Ever since she turned 4, Vicki has been dying for loose teeth. She was so excited at the prospect of actually losing a tooth, and the whole tooth fairy business. Since then she’s only lost three teeth, and one of those was thanks to a faceplant on a tile floor when she was 4 ½. That permanent tooth hasn’t grown in yet, so she’s had a gap in front for almost two and a half years. Last November she finally got to experience loose teeth for real when the two bottom ones fell out within a couple of weeks of each other, both at school.

But all that was nothing compared to this most recent loose tooth, which she’s been working on for months, wiggling back and forth and encouraging anyone else she could get to stick their fingers in her mouth to help it along. She had it so loose last week that she could make it stick straight out when she smiled, which totally grossed me out! Someone at school on Friday suggested (jokingly) that she do the string and door trick. When she couldn’t talk me into doing it for her, she found a piece of yarn and tried it herself.

What do you know – it worked!

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  1. Ew Ew Ew. I hate it when my kids come up and show me their disgustingly loose teeth. But I understand that it's a rite of passage for the youngun's so I try not to show my revulsion.
    Congrats to Vicki. :)


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