Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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Yesterday I reported three cars for being illegally parked in the bike lane by our house.  That sort of thing didn't bother me until I started riding the girls to school every day.  So not safe.  At least whoever owns the cars won't know it was me who reported them.  That is, unless they saw me taking pictures of their license plates...

This morning Ellie somehow managed to get peanut butter on her one clean school shirt, and while I scrubbed it off and ranted and raved and begged to know how exactly she'd managed it, she said, "A magician never reveals her secrets."  I have no idea what I'm going to do with that girl.

This week the girls started back up with their extracurricular activities.  I've been to the dance studio twice and head to piano this afternoon.  I also started back up with some of my volunteering duties at the school.  And all yesterday evening I couldn't figure out why I was so tired.  I already miss the nothingness of summer.

School starts for me in another week.  Not sure if I'm ready yet...

One of my eyes sees more blue tones and one sees more red.  Am I weird for noticing this?

My house is really quiet.

I think I have successfully brainwashed Vicki to the point where she's actually looking forward to the Les Miserables movie.  Lexi sings Phantom of the Opera songs to herself, and Ellie keeps talking about wanting to watch Hairspray again.  My work here is done.

I can't read lips at all, but I imagine if I tried the results would be something like this:

Your turn!


  1. I don't know what my favorite line is.. "I'm a gremlin", or "Winona Ryder's out there, pissing people off with a guitar". I also loved the maniacal laugh. We've tried to get Danielle's kids into music and no avail. What is your secret??? Danielle's kids only like Queen and Taio Cruz.

  2. Your eyes are adapting themselves for watching 3-D movies without the red/blue glasses. Astounding.

  3. Love the lip reading. But even more I love Ellie's comments. She is so totally awesome. I'm with Lori. I swear if I like something my kids hate it. Although we have made some headway on Wallace and Gromit

  4. Those bad lip reading clips kill me!!

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  6. Umm, you said you have been riding the girls to school. Honestly, Allison, someone might report YOU for that! How lazy can you get? That's like child abuse.

    BTW, I deleted my previous comment because I made a typo and that would be ironic considering the fact that I am pointing out your typo. Your's is funnier though.

    1. Stickler :P

      I didn't even catch that until you pointed it out. I just figured if I would say I've been walking them to school, the same would apply to riding bikes. Besides, they don't move nearly fast enough with me on their backs. The dangling carrot doesn't seem to help.


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