Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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Lexi opened the fridge this morning and the door fell off.  How's that for random?

It may be time to get a new fridge.

This afternoon I have an appointment for a full checkup with the doctor, something I haven't done since before having children.  I have quite the list of things to talk with her about, including, thanks to my A&P unit on skin, several moles and marks on my back.  Wear sunscreen, people.

Speaking of my A&P unit on skin, Vicki walked into the room while an image of the three different types of skin cancer was on the computer screen.  Her reaction?  "I can never, ever unsee that."

This is the view from the cabin where I spent my birthday:

Not exactly what I think of when I think of camping, but you certainly won't hear me complaining!

My going back to school has been educational for the whole family.  The other night at dinner I taught them all about the bones in their bodies.  They politely told me to stop talking.

Today there's no school at the Middle School.  Tomorrow, kindergarten has the day off.  Lexi is mad that she's the only one who has to go to school all week.

As stressed out as school is making me this quarter, I think I'm taking two of the coolest classes ever.  I wash my hands a lot more often now, though.

Your turn!

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  1. I agree you can't really call that camping, but it does sound like an awesome birthday. Sorry about the fridge.


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