Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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All day long, every time I've looked at my blog I've thought, Gosh, I really need to get a new post up.  Oh, well, I'll do it on Thursday.  Turns out today is Thursday.

I still haven't missed a day!  (I haven't posted for over a week, but I promise the pictures have been taken!)

Today was one of those days where I didn't go anywhere and I honestly don't think I really did that much, but I still feel like I got a lot accomplished.  I like days like this.

I discovered this week that I actually do have willpower.  Trying to eat less and control my portion sizes is challenging, but actually not as hard as I thought it would be.  I haven't died of starvation yet, or even felt all that hungry.

This article is totally worth the read.  We do not give teachers anywhere near enough credit for what they do.

Yesterday someone discovered blood and teeth in the parking lot next to the girls' school.  Before the end of the day all the kids were convinced that there had been a shootout and at least two people had died.  Turns out they were animal teeth and it was probably a coyote vs. cat fight.  I didn't know we had coyotes in the area, but it beats dead gunmen.

We are all really excited for the NAMIWalk next weekend!  It feels good to do something to help others, even if it's something small.

I learned the other day that one of our favorite stores, Dollar Books, is closing at the end of this month.  This makes me so sad.  And it makes me desperate to stock up on cheap books.

Do you have any idea how many bones are in your head?  I'm supposed to memorize them all, plus markings.  In addition to all the bones and markings in the rest of the body.  Holy. Cow.  That's a lot of bones.

Saturday is my birthday.  Just in case anyone wondered :)

Your turn!


  1. One of my favorite things to do is to eavesdrop on children's conversations. The conclusions they make from the most random evidence is the best part of my days.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! (This is Emily BTW, but I figured you would know that.)

  2. You don't need willpower, just read this handy dandy book Change Anything sold by this handy dandy company I just happen to work for.

    And I thought about making a "random blood & teeth thursday" thought bubble graphic for you like I did with the Ransom thing, but on second thought, no. No.


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