Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I'm pretty sure I mentioned a few weeks back that I wanted to do a post titled "Pictures I Didn't Take".  I still haven't done it, but Ellie got her hands on my phone the other day and I have a whole slew of awesome pictures now.  And a video, in which I'm pretty sure she announces a conspiracy theory.

I love my kids.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for Spring Break.  I plan to spend at least one entire day in my jammies.  Maybe the girls and I will just watch movies and eat popcorn all day.  Also, I'd like to spend time doing things that I want to do, as opposed to things that I have to do.

I'm nervous about my biology final.  It will make the difference between an A and a B in the class.  I know there's nothing wrong with a B, but still...

Why is it that the more politically educated I become, the more angry I also become?  Why are there such idiots out there?  And why do they think they know what's best for others?

We are finally done with Girl Scout Cookie sales for another year!  I wish I'd taken a picture of the $900+ in cash I had stacked on my kitchen table yesterday before I took it to the band, but it was a rush-around day and I forgot.  I'm just happy that most of the cookies are out of my house.

Ellie has eaten all of her Tagalongs.  Vicki has not.  Life is hard.

February and March have been really, really, REALLY busy months.  I need August to come soon.  Nothing much happens in August (except Lexi's birthday, of course!)

Sometimes I read back over old blog posts and think, hey, I'm pretty funny!  Other times, I think, why the heck did I put that on the internet?

Your turn!

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  1. I feel Ellie's pain. I've eaten all of my Tagalongs too.

    I would have loved the money shot. The people who bought our car paid cash in mostly twenties. I have never seen so much cash in my life, and was tense until I got it to the bank the next day.

  2. Come join us libertarians! People think we are crazy, but we believe people know or can figure out what is best for themselves! :)

    Seriously (well I am serious about the libertarian thing), but I blame so much on the media. The agenda of others is pushed through different outlets and it manipulates feelings to extremes, etc. I have half given up my hobby of switching between different stations.

  3. Oh politics- we are currently going through not one but two election cycles (with different voting days) for the state government and the local government. I know the incumbents need to go (12 years in power = corruption and over confidence in legislating) but the opposition just make me angry. Plus we are being infected by US style politicing and phrases (periodically people talk about 1st and second amendment rights- they don't apply to Australians!)

    Enjoy spring break- it is nice to have a no plans,nothing to do day


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