Sunday, March 25, 2012

Junior Mythbusters

We're big fans of Mythbusters around here.  In fact, over the past several months, Friday night has become our traditional Mythbusters & panini night (thank you, Amazon instant video, for feeding our habit.)  Heaven forbid we plan anything else on a Friday.

One of the Mythbusters' taglines is "don't try this at home".  However, there's one myth we've always wanted to test: Diet Coke and Mentos.  Around Christmastime, I discovered a kit that contained a roll of Mentos and a plastic tube designed to let you drop several mints into a bottle of Coke at one time.

The setup

A plastic pin holds the mints in place until you're ready to pull the cord and release them all at once, and there's a hole in the top for the resulting geyser of Coke.  Of course I had to buy it.  We've had the kit since then, but haven't gotten around to using it.

Until this weekend.

Uncle Blaine and Aunt Mel came to visit us from Seattle.  Blaine is a big Mythbusters fan, too, and it was finally not raining, so Saturday seemed like the perfect day to try out this experiment for ourselves.

We headed over to the park and set up in the grass.  The girls took turns dropping the mints into the tube, and then we all stood back.

Vicki somehow managed to score the role of
cord-puller without a fight

I think it's safe to say we had a blast.


  1. My mom bought us one of those kits a couple of years ago and at the time all I could think of was "how silly is that??" However, we decided to invite some neighborhood boys over for Aiden's birthday (it wasn't an official party... we did this and eat some cake. That's it!). We bought I think 3 bottles of Coke and extra packages of Mentos and went at it. WORTH EVERY PENNY. We need to do it again...

  2. Silly Alli, didn't you know that Diet Soda Fountain Day is September 19th? So decreed by Zack Evans (and supported by Mike and I.) I gotta get me one of those tubes. That looks way more easier than pushing paperclips though candies.

  3. Awesome!! I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to try that.


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