Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

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The last time we were at the library a woman walked out the door and set off the alarm. When the girl at the summer reading table asked her if she’d checked the book out, the lady looked at her really oddly and said, “No, I just picked it up.” Are there seriously still people who don’t know how a library works?

In Target the other day we saw a device you can attach to your dog’s collar. It then sends you Tweets from your dog.

Last night we drove past a woman who was watching a movie on a portable DVD player that was STRAPPED TO HER BIKE.

I have now seen everything.

We had about three days of near 100-degree temperatures, and now suddenly it's back down to the 70s.  Even though I really appreciated the AC while it was so hot, now I feel kind of stupid to have it sitting in the window, because it's not likely to get so hot again.

We got a new computer last Friday, and we're still in the transition process.  The good news is we were able to transfer over all the bookmarks and everything from the old computer.  The bad news is they're now listed alphabetically, rather than in the order I made them, and I'm realizing how many useless things I have bookmarked.

Why is it that on the very day I spend WAY too much money on school clothes, I get a coupon in the mail for $15 off the amount I spent at the very store I spent it?

I want a Wii.

Today is looking like a good day for baking zucchini bread.  Mmmmm...zucchini bread.

Your turn!

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  1. sometimes you can take the coupon in with your receipt and they will give you a price should try it!
    Come over and play our Wii, wii will have fun...hee hee...

  2. On principle I am not going to do another Random Thursday until I have at least one regular blog in between. So that should give me motivation to get something done by next Thursday...I promise!

  3. Sorry I was at girls camp during Random Thoughts. I can't say this on my own blog for fear of offending my YW, but I think we should have had a sample week with teenage girls before getting on the "Mother-of-a-Household-of-Girls" train.


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