Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Welcome to Random Thoughts Thursday, the bloggy carnival thingy where we post about...whatever pops into our heads.

Joining in is simple. Just post your own random thoughts on your blog and link back here (see below) so we can make this a great big Random Thoughts Thursday festival! Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. Even if you think I have no idea that you read my blog, and whether or not you know me personally, I'd love for you to join in. And if you don't have a blog but you're still feeling random, feel free to leave a few thoughts in the comments for everyone else to enjoy.


A random confession: it's not actually Thursday as I write this.  It's last Saturday.  While you're reading this, I'm at the coast, probably without internet access.  But look at me!  I planned ahead!  Thank goodness for scheduled posts!

What would people do if I didn't do Random Thoughts Thursday every week?

I think I'm becoming narcissistic.

Why does my dryer take so long?

We watched Pan's Labyrinth last night.  It was a good movie, I think.  Actually, I'm still trying to decide.  There are some things you can never unsee, and many of them were in that movie.

I really don't want people to be scared of me and my grammar issues.  I won't judge you if you won't judge me!

In closing, I leave you with thisI know half of you have seen it, because it's been on your blogs.  But it's still funny, and maybe the other half of you will enjoy it for the first time.

Your turn!

A bit of advice for the linky tool: please link directly to your Random Thoughts Thursday post, and not to your entire blog. To do this, simply click on the title of your post. This will take you to that post's page, and you can then copy and paste that url into the linky. This way people linking from my blog won’t have to scroll through any other posts you might put up to find your randomness. Thanks!


  1. Hi Allie! So sorry you got the "Punctuation and Grammar Obsession Gene" from us. Uh I have the quotation marks in the right place in that last sentence?! Do I even need them?! See what I mean?!

    OK, now about your dryer taking so long. Ours was doing that last spring - it just seemed to take forever. Dad finally went outside and checked the dryer vent. The flap was stuck open and birds had made a HUGE nest pretty deep inside! He had to get something to pull it out. He then went to Home Depot and got a grated cover for the vent opening so we wouldn't have other birds move in. What a difference! Have you checked the outside vent?

    Does this count as a random thought entry...? Probably just a comment....

    Love, Mom

  2. What would I do without Random Thoughts Thursday? I would be really sad. I really do look forward to it every week. And I feel a lot of pressure to be grammatically correct when I post on here. It's good though...keeps me on my toes.

  3. Sorry so late to comment but I was out of town all last week. I hope to post about it but I'm being swarmed by Girls Camp meltdown. Meaning all camp plans melted down while I was out of town and we are trying to recover.


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