Saturday, July 17, 2010

Queen of the Laundry

I have made no secret of my feelings for laundry.

But just in case you’ve forgotten, or you’re new to the blog, I’ll share once again: I hate it.

I mean I absolutely despise it.  It is, without a doubt, my least favorite household chore.

But recently a new superhero has come into my life. Turns out, Lexi likes laundry.

She washed three loads in one day. Granted, they were three loads that could have actually been combined into one, but she did it her way and got it done.

And the best part is: I had to make her stop. It was too hot to run the dryer anymore that day. But she was determined, regardless of the heat and the fact that there really weren’t any more dirty clothes (or at least dirty clothes I was willing to trust to a 7-year-old.) She tried to convince Chris that the socks in my ever-expanding mismatched socks box were stinky and needed to be washed. He told her thanks, but no thanks.

She keeps asking if she can be allowed to do her own laundry from now on. See, several months ago Vicki was handed that responsibility. Difference is, Vicki looks on it as a punishment. Which, to be fair, it was. I told her if she rolled down that muddy hill in her school clothes one more time she’d be doing her own laundry. She thought I just meant those particular clothes, but she thought wrong.

It’s not a punishment for the Laundry Queen, though.

I’ll have to come up with something else, should the need ever arise, but in the meantime, I’m loving the empty hampers.

Lexi to the rescue!


  1. Is Lexi willing to travel? Because I have some laundry that I would rather not do:) (Hold onto that one..she is a gem! No college or marriage for her!)

  2. You just make me jealous that your kids are old enough to hand off these responsibilities to. (Yes I ended in a preposition grammar Nazi, sue me.) Abbie keeps wanting pay jobs so she can earn money. I just can't think of enough things that work for her age that I don't need to completely supervise that will earn her the money she needs to by the princes CD at Target. Yes this is a run on. I like to mess with your mind.

  3. Well, if you ever run out of laundry to do again, please send her our way.


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