Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

This is my 300th post! Release the ceiling balloons! (which makes me think of “Wewease da secwet weapon!” How's that for random?)

Why don’t other people care about spelling and grammar like I do? Am I some kind of freak? Wait, don’t answer that.

Halloween is over and I need someone to get rid of all the candy that my kids haven’t eaten yet. Preferably before I eat it.

When the rain comes, why do they run and hide their heads?

Turns out you have to book flights with mileage points waaaaay in advance for Christmastime. So we’ll be driving to Utah again this year. Ugh.

I miss England.

I’ve discovered that four days of being sick and doing nothing equals two weeks of making up for it. If only I had a magic wand.

Greek Mythology is awesome.

Sneaky mom trick of the day: “Surprise Mac”. When the kids are tired of plain old mac & cheese, hide hot dogs under it and tell them they’ll get a surprise if they eat all the macaroni. I’m such a genius. (I suppose this works best if finding hot dogs under your food is considered a good surprise.)

I am surrounded by princesses.

Ellie thinks Belle was her teacher in “baby school”. What a weird kid.

There is a mountain of laundry in the hall. I have been carefully avoiding it. I think it’s reproducing on its own now, though. Time to conquer.


  1. I'm sure you hate reading my blog. I am not as grammatically correct as you. Sorry! Maybe I should just send them to you first to proof read.

  2. REWEASE Da SECWET WEAPAAAHN! Classic. I'm glad someone else remembers that line. It's gold!

    "Surprise Macaroni" would work at my house. We have no kids. How disturbing is that?

    And I think they run and hide their heads because they might as well be dead.
    Huh. That still makes no sense.
    Maybe the rain is acid rain? Or it's regular rain and they're made out of bread?
    "When the raaaain comes they run and hide their heads. They might as well be dead. Because they're made of breeaad. When the raaaain comes."
    Yeah. I think that's it.


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