Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

Today marks 40 years since the debut of what is quite possibly the most beloved children's program of all time.  I grew up watching Sesame Street and all its lovable furry monsters, and I'm proud to say my children love it, too.  Everyone has their favorite moments from the Street.  Please indulge me as I share some of mine.

This is the most awesome rubber duckie song ever:

Grover has always been my favorite monster. He's bumbling and clueless, but he's so sure of himself.  And he announces his presence by saying, "It is I!"  What's not to love?

The 70's colors and animation, the funky music...how many of us learned to count to 12 by watching this? How many of us still can't count to 12 without singing this?

I'm not embarassed to say that there are many, many more, but in the interest of time, these three will have to do.

And now I invite you to join me in celebrating this awesome show and tell me, what are your favorite Sesame Street moments?


  1. I loved "Tiny Little Super Guy" remember him. He was a cup. I LOVED it!! Oh, and the "Here fishy fishy fishy" with Bert and Ernie. I love, love, love, love Sesame Street. I even find myself asking my kids if we can watch it.

  2. I love Seasame Street! There are so many great songs. I loved it as a kid and I still find it entertaining when my kids watch it. They love it too.

    Oh and btw....the projects on my blog are slippers. My sis is doing the whole Monster thing from where the wild things are for her kids so I made "Monster slippers". I know they look kind of goofy but I thought they would look great on her twin 2 year olds. (=

  3. My favorite Sesame Street moment is the song with the lyrics "A rocks not alive da da da da da, a frog is alive da da da da da, they eat and breath and grow - and that is how we KNOOOOOW!"

    This song still runs through my mind on occasion.

  4. I absolutely love Bert and Ernie's "heeeeere fishy fishy fishy FISHY", Super Grover, Kermit's reporting ("Heigh ho, Kermit the Frog here..."), "C is for Cookie", and Oscar the Grouch. Anything Oscar. Remember when Snuffy was thought to be Big Bird's imaginary friend? Remember The Amazing Mumford or Guy Smiley? And does anyone (besides my brother and sister) remember the story of how "milk" came to be called milk? (It was originally called "ilk", but everyone in the kingdom would say "Mmmmm, ilk. Mmmmm, ilk. Mmmmm-ilk... Let's call it MILK!"

  5. Lindsey, I almost put the "Teeny little superguy" one in! There's just too many to choose from - it's all awesome!

    Thanks, Nic, I feel better now! I figured they were something like that. They're adorable!

    Em, I don't even know that one!

    Ooh, Sariah, that milk thing (which I don't remember) reminds me of the two-headed monster: "Hhh, ot. Hhh, ot. Hhh-ot. Hot. Hot! HOT!!!" Love it!


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