Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy time is a hot commodity

Chris travels a lot for work. For the past two years he’s been going to California for a couple of days every other week. When he’s gone (and we’re not crazy busy with life in general, i.e. when it’s summer) we try to have a girls’ night and watch a movie that Daddy wouldn’t enjoy (think Hannah Montana or The Princess Diaries and you’re in the right neighborhood.) We make the most of it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss him when he’s gone and love him all the more when he’s home.

This last week, not only was he in CA for two nights, but then he had to go to camp with the youth at church for a night. So we missed him an extra lot. Ellie in particular, apparently.

From the time he arrived home Saturday morning, she was all over him. “Hey, Dad!” “Play with me!” “Read me a story!” “Let’s play Mr. Potato Head!” “Can I make you lunch?” “More stories!” “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!” I do have to say, she kinda has the poor guy wrapped around her little finger.

Vicki, Lexi, and I went to get our hair cut, and Ellie, while disappointed that she wasn’t getting a haircut at the fancy salon, too, quickly realized that this meant that she would have Daddy all to herself. And this, my friends, is waaaay better than a hair salon any day.

They played Mr. Potato Head, checkers, and Go, they read stories, and then Chris, feeling the effects of travel and camp, suggested that they watch a movie. I think he was hoping she’d zone out and he could get some shut eye. Instead, she got all big-eyed and said, “Really, Daddy? Just like how you and Mommy watch movies?” and before he could respond she went on, “And me and you can stay up late and watch the movie on the LoveSac, and you can send Mommy upstairs to bed, and when she comes down to get a drink you can tell her to go back to bed RIGHT NOW!”

And when the movie was over and she heard us pull up in the driveway, she ran to the front door and stood in front of it with her arms spread wide. To keep us from coming inside.

Do not get in the way of a girl and her daddy time.


  1. That! Is! Hilarious! Oh man. Your girls are great.

  2. That is funny. I love how much she is a daddy's girl!

  3. That is too dang cute. I think my girls like Jared better than me. He is more fun, that's for sure.

  4. That is just too cute! I love seeing a daddy with his little girl. I can't wait until we have our little girls - I know that Jeff will just be all wrapped around their fingers.

  5. That Ellie is the most precious little thing!!!! I love it.

  6. Awesome. I need to get to know this little girl better.


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