Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Thoughts Thursday

I have come to the conclusion that it's not a good idea to listen to the soundtrack of Spamalot in the car while the children. There are a variety of reasons for this. For example, when Lexi giggled from the backseat, "Did they just say, 'in your direction we all FART'?" Or when Vicki wanted to know how come I kept coughing really loudly and suddenly. Or when Ellie asks repeatedly to listen to the "dance a lot" song (his name is Lancelot, and in tight pants a lot he likes to dance a lot, you know you do! I do?)

Naptime is good. A Bug's Life helps.

My life has reached a new level of hecticness. Monday, nothing much. Tuesday, nothing much. Wednesday, Chris leaves for California and we have dance class, Brownies, and Activity Days at church. Thursday, school meeting and gymnastics. Friday, more Brownies, and he comes home just in time for dinner. Why is it always the Brownie weeks that he's gone?

I like being a Brownie leader.

The girls' school is implementing a uniform policy next school year. I volunteered to be on the committee. I have opinions on what it should look like. Unfortunately, so do other people. Can't we all just get along and dress our children in khaki pants and dark green polo shirts?

Why does the third kid always get away with so much more than the first two did?

I have discovered that it takes just under a year for the current favorite jeans to get a hole in the knee.

I really need to get started on my Christmas shopping.

I have no idea how I'm going to do it this year. Last year I just bought everything in front of Ellie and she forgot about it after 10 minutes. This year she's still talking about when we bought Lexi's birthday present in August. I need a new strategy.

There is nothing like a three-year-old who is trying to communicate something she is incapable of pronouncing to put life in perspective.

Ellie gets to go to a birthday party today. The parents of the birthday girl are taking her, Ellie, and another 3-year-old friend, plus the birthday girl's 6-year-old sister, to see Madagascar 2. With no other parents. I think they're crazy, but they're solving my problem of what to do with Ellie during my meeting, so I'll never tell them that. I hope they have fun!

Why did the American Girl people decide to retire the Samantha doll and all her clothing and accessories the year after Vicki got her? We are very bitter about this in our house right now; I had envisioned years of Christmas and birthday gifts and will have to settle this year for what's not already sold out and then either pay way more than it's worth on ebay or find a pattern and make things myself.

Apparently clothing manufacturers havn't taken into account people who have as many daughters as I do. I can find coordinating Christmas dresses for 2 of the three, in any combination, but when you throw a third girl in, it totally fouls everything up. I get all bothered by this and then wonder why I'm letting something like this bother me, which makes me bothered all over again. Maybe I'll just have them all wear pink Easter dresses as a form of protest.

Can't do it.

I need some chocolate.


  1. Life never gets calm does it? I'm so grateful I have one more year of shopping with Abbie for her Christmas presents. I have no idea what you are supposed to do after that.

  2. I think implementing uniforms is a great idea. They're in public school, right? SO much emphasis is put on fashion, even in elementary school, and it really can get in the way. When I was in private school we had to wear these grey scratchy jumpers in the winter. They were horrible and they had empire waists with belts! Awful, plain awful! So, I say go with the khakis and polo shirts! Good for you for being a part of the decision making.

  3. It seems your random thoughts always lead you to chocolate. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. Can I just say, I am so excited that you have a blog. I had to stop myself from sitting here and reading it because I have a sink full of dishes to do but plan on reading all of it from beginning to end. Your random thoughts are so close to my thoughts I love them!


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