Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pizza Party!

Vicki had her birthday party yesterday. We decided to have the kids make pizzas for lunch since the local grocery store has these great individual pizza crusts for a really good price. Then Vicki decided that she wanted a giant cookie instead of a cake, so I made the coolest cookie cake ever (not that I'm bragging or anything):

The "pepperonis" are made from fruit roll-ups and the "olives" are made out of black decorator's gel. I had to show a couple of the kids the tube before I could convince them to eat the cake, but Vicki loved it. And even better, she didn't think we should write anything on it, since then it wouldn't look like a pizza. I hate writing on cakes - it never comes out looking like it does in my mind.


  1. That is a way cool cake!!! I am totally impressed. Sounds like you had a great time with the party. Happy Birthday Vicki!

  2. That is very impressive! Happy Birthday Vicki (again)!

  3. I like how Vicki thinks outside the box. :)


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