Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Peg your pants and break out the Aqua Net

New Kids on the Block are back together.

Apparently this is kind of old news, but I'm a bit behind the times here, so it's new to me.

They even have a website.

Now, as awesome as I think it is that they're getting back together (I will admit that I spent that last 10 minutes unashamedly drooling over pictures of Joey McIntyre, who is still definitely the hottest member of the band), my biggest question is this: will they have childcare at the concerts? Because all their fans are 30-something women, most of them probably mothers of small children.

Just something for them to think about.


  1. LOL! My brother in law and Kelly made fun of them all weekend long while I sat in the corner remembering how me and my friends used to kiss the TV anytime they had a close up shot of Jordan and Joey. LOL! It so does date us though and the daycare thing makes you wonder. (=

  2. The cute one! Duh, Carrie. :)

    In the big picture on their website he's the one on the left, with the beautiful blue eyes. In the picture of them on the People article I linked to (with the really awesome 4-inch-high 80s hair), he's the one on the far right. He was the little one - I think he was around 14 when the band first formed. But oh, so cute.

  3. I just remember it was the first band I really got into. Poor guys, their careers must be bad if they have to go back to that!


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