Monday, April 28, 2008

I can add this to the list of things I never thought I'd hear myself say

"Honestly, I can't leave you two alone for 10 minutes without you stripping naked and painting yourselves pink!"

Here's what Ellie and her friend Katie did in the 10 minutes it took me to do those last two posts:

I have no idea where they found the highlighter. Last time it was an ink pad, which took considerably more time to remove. Last time they didn't strip naked, though, so this is new. I would love to post a backside shot, but since this is the internet (and one of them is not my child), I'm not going to. But they were well painted. So pretty.

Note to self (again): do NOT leave 2-year-olds alone! (of course, as I write this, because I had to, they're downstairs supposedly watching Dora and having a snack. I better go check on the, you think?)


  1. This is AWESOME!!! When I think of the blackmail material you have in this one shot, the potential power struggles you might have with Ellie as a teenager are now solved.

  2. least you know that they are creative and artistic!

  3. I love that they have no shame for their act. Awesome. :)

  4. I love that this stuff happens in other homes. That's awesome.


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