Monday, February 7, 2011

Shamelessly Begging for Validation

Did you know that January 14 is National De-Lurk Day?

I did.  But I forgot.  Again.

For the past three years I've been trying to remember, so I could do a post and encourage all my lurkers (people who read blogs but never comment - it's less creepy than saying "blogstalkers") to leave a comment and say hello, but I keep forgetting.

So I'm declaring today, February 7, my own personal De-Lurk Day.

See, blogging creates insecurity.  It's sad, but true.  I started this blog back in 2007 as a way to keep far away family up-to-date on the girls.  But it didn't take long before I discovered that I really like writing.  I like having this creative outlet, and I also really like having a way to tell crazy stories about my children, for which they will probably hate me one day, and need therapy.  It's what being a parent is all about.  And it's fun.

But we bloggers start to worry when the comments are few and far between.  Is anyone actually reading this?  Do they like me?  Do they *really* like me?  There's something about getting comments on a blog post that make us feel validated, like what we're sending out there into the blogosphere is at least being enjoyed by someone besides ourselves.  I know some people view their blogs as an online journal, but that's not how I see this one.  So it sort of feels like a waste if no one's actually reading it.  Pathetic, I know, but true all the same.

So humor me.  Leave me a comment and say hello.  Let me know how you found this blog (especially if we don't know each other in real life), and why you read it.

As an incentive, if you have a blog, I'll visit you and leave you a comment!  Chances are I'm lurking there anyway.

And if you don't have a blog, still leave me a comment and I promise I'll love you forever!


  1. Oh yeah, hi der. My name is Svenja Svensenberg from Flingerflacken, Minnesota. I sure do love yer bloggy. Can't type much more, I have to go werk on my meaterloafer.

  2. So is that your brother or your cousin? You know I love your blog and comment when I can. Please don't stop!

  3. Of course I stalk you -you are the parent I hope to someday be :-)

  4. I'm not a lurker, but I'll comment anyway!! You know I read all your posts. :)

    I used to do the whole "de-lurking day", but I have forgotten the last few years. Bummer that I missed it again this year.

  5. I LOVE your blog and I read every single post! And now I have a blog myself (albeit a photo blog) solely because you inspired me - thank you. Also, you are an excellent writer (David and I think your blog about Chris watching Twilight and you watching a movie he likes - can't remember the name - should be published) and I appreciate your dedication to spelling and grammar. Plus you are an awesome friend. Hope you feel validated - it is all true!

  6. I used to lurk. But I comment now. Not as often as I read but then I'm not so witty and I feel that comments to need be witty. I don't know why...I just do. I totally agree with you on the validation thing though. I always get all giddy when I see I have comments on my blog. Good times...

  7. I completely agree with your validation feeling. I almost feel selfish for needing comments, but they seriously make my day. However, I'm not the greatest at leaving comments myself, so I can't get too mad.

  8. Deal, but you never comment on mine. So there! J/k! Maybe you don't even read it. It's not as thrilling or witty as yours I know. But I feel the same as you. The comments on my blog are diminishing. Maybe I will copy and paste your post to mine. Then I can get some comments. I will give you full credit for writing it, deal? ;)
    p.s. I do try and comment. I guess I should stop complaining since I haven't been commenting on other's blogs lately. I will do better, I promise.

  9. I need to have a de-lurking day too. I have people from all over that read and NEVER leave comments. You know I read your blog and LOVE it!

  10. You crack me up. lol. Love reading your blog. It has turned into a great Thursday tradition. Have a great day and feel validated.

  11. Oh Allie. I will always validate you. You are the cousin I never had...oh wait. You are the cousin that lived far away but it didn't matter because you were such a good cousin that when you came to visit it felt like you had never left. Good times. :)

    When I was little I daydreamed once that you sent me a package as I was walking home from school. Literally. I daydreamed that you sent me package via parachute as I was walking home from school. But, sadly, it never happened. How come you never parachuted me a package? Is it because I never parachuted you a package?

    I knew it.

  12. I lurked for a long time before commenting. Probably because Danielle kept saying to me "they are MY college roommates, Lori, MINE!". Then I said to myself, "This is just too funny not to comment". I used a lot of "quotation marks" in this "comment" just for you!

  13. I feel the same way Allison. Usually it is Lolee that comments on my blog and I think, "Why am I blogging for my sister?" I do read all of your posts. I don't comment very much because I usually think "cool post" but it sounds lame to write it - but I do think it!

  14. What a great idea the whole "de-lurking" thing!

    I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog, possibly one evening when I am able to procrastinate cleaning up the kitchen and house buy continually hitting the "next blog" button?!

    I am a faithful follower and feel connected since I too have 3 girls very close in age to your 3. We're also both girl scout leaders :)

    You've inspired me with Random Thoughts Thursdays, adding a live traffic feed (which at times freaks me out) and the 365 project.

    My sil has just started a blog (inspired by my blog) and I must forward this post to her as she is feeling many similar feelings. She's in the land of OZ, I'm sure she'll show up soon on your list and know you are encouraging her to keep her blog going when when she's not sure, but should surely know, people are reading!

  15. This blog helps me miss you less. And, boy do I miss ya!

  16. Allison,

    I was alerted to your blog by my sil, Jen...the previous commenter. Although I have only read a few posts, I find them humorous and entertaining. A definite worthy read, so keep it up!
    As a new blogger, I am having the same concerns about people not reading my blog. And like you, I enjoy the creative outlet but it is also good to know that other people enjoy it as much as I do. So, thank you for validating my feelings of needing validation for my feelings about my blog (ha ha, I love the play on words?!?). And since you asked, here is a link to my blog:

    Recently I wrote a similar post called Interactive-->Reactive Blog to entice comments (validation). Only 2 people commented, a friend and Jen, my sil. Could you be the third?

    Happy Blogging from a fellow Blogger,

  17. Frequent reader, sporadic commenter. You know I read, so I'm not sure I count as a lurker. I sure could comment more, though. :)

  18. Rebecca pretty much said everything I needed to say. I agree with the validation thing - I'm glad I'm not the only one that starts wagging my tail when I see a new comment. This post makes me feel less pathetic. Thank you. ;)

  19. Sometimes I approve comments that I know are spam, just to have comments on my blog. Then I drink paint thinner and sit on the couch and watch Lifetime original movies and cry, cry, cry.

  20. I visit your blog regularly! I was thrilled when a friend of yours commented on my blog! I'm not sure I could do that, but maybe I can now after reading your post!


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