Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday (evening edition)

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It's a miracle!  I blogged!  (did you miss me?)

Did you know Wait Wait Don't Tell Me has a Tumblr?  I laughed.  I laughed so hard.

Then I discovered that Radiolab has one, too.  It's entirely possible that I spent WAY too much time on the internet that day.

An excerpt from a "happy birthday" exchange with my brother a few weeks ago (he's the one speaking): "Thanks! Sunshine received. Still waiting on puppies. Pop-Tarts arrived, were homicidal after all. Situation mostly under control; may have internal bleeding, odd rash."

My family is awesome.

Vicki is mad that we won't let her watch Dr. Who without us.  But if she watches it without us, we'll miss out!  We are raising a house full of nerds and it makes me so proud.

I have been made aware of the very best place to seek refuge in the event of a zombie apocalypse: Costco.  Think about it - there's food, clothes, cases upon cases of bottled water, TVs, no windows, heavy doors...what more could you need to stay safe from the walking dead?  Consider yourselves informed.

Lately I've been getting up about 45 minutes earlier than I used to.  It's amazing what a difference that makes in how our mornings go.

I finally sold my old desk!  Of course, I had to drop my price by $40 in order to do it, but it's finally out of my garage!

This seems like a very boring post.  But at least I posted!

Your turn!


  1. Yeah! I'm so glad you guys like The Doctor! I kind of got out of it when David Tennnant left, I just couldn't get used to the new Doctor although I've had several people tell me I need to reevaluate, I got distracted by The West Wing and Call the Midwife. Love The Doctor!

    1. We're only a few episodes in, so we haven't even made it as far as David Tennant yet. I do love Christopher Eccleston, though! And we just watched the episode with the lady who plays Mrs. Crawley from Downton Abbey, so I was giggling at her the whole time because, really, it's the same character!

  2. I did miss you!! I haven't blogged in a long time either. Not sure if anyone misses me though. Anyway, I will be right there with you in Costco, zombie apocalypse, or no, it's my favorite place.


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