Friday, March 8, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday (Friday Edition)

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**I actually had this written yesterday, but I forgot to post it.  That still counts, right?**

The other night we had our first "I'm running away" experience.  Apparently someone isn't getting enough attention.  *sigh*  I will be so happy when this term is over and I have a break from school.  It's hard on my family.

She packed a bag with a change of clothes, but forgot underwear.

I am so ready for a few months with all three girls in school and me not.  I realized this morning that I actually haven't really had that, since I started school as soon as Ellie did, and have been going straight through since then.  Of course, I'll still be working, but at least I'll have time to clean my house, and maybe read a few books just for fun.

Even though I haven't finished this month's book, I'm still going to my book club meeting.  I can't give up my favorite "me" time.

Between all the girls, we sold 831 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Not bad.

I'm so glad that's over with for another year.  So, so glad.

The ants are coming back.  The other night, I dreamed that they were each an inch long.  Ugh.

I love that I can check out library books on my Kindle without even leaving my house.  Now, if only the selection was bigger...

Tonight we have Parent/Teacher Conferences for Lexi and Ellie.  It's nice that I've never had to dread those. I get to look forward to them and be excited to hear how awesome my kids are.

I really need to update my picture blog.  I don't think I've missed a day yet, but I haven't posted since the middle of January.

Your turn!


  1. We had our first "running away" experience the other night too. She didn't pack clothes, but she brought her toothbrush. So I was proud.

    1. I actually thought of you when it happened! I remember you posting about it. None of my other girls have ever tried that before, but Ellie constantly throws me for a loop.

  2. Have you tried Terro for the ants? It's amazing!!!


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