Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I slacked last week.  On blogging.  But I did a heck of a whole lot else, so we'll call it good.

Maybe I should start calling this "Random Thoughts Every-other Thursday".  That's a little long.  How about "Thoughts on a Random Thursday"?  No, that sounds like the title to a bad poem.  Maybe we'll just stick with it, and once April rolls around and I'm done with school for a little while the blogging will pick back up again.  One can hope.

Being sick is no fun.  Being sick and a student is excruciating.  Despite having the flu, I've had countless homework assignments, three quizzes, and two exams all due this week.  I don't think my grades are going to be what they should be for these units.  Bummer.

I want to write something that's not whiney, but I can't think of anything.

Here, enjoy these communist dictator Valentines (we'll pretend they were all dictators):


I've been giggling over Leon Trotsky all day.

Your turn!


  1. Those Valentine's are killing me. HA!!! I love it!!

  2. Crap! I'm so sorry you got the flue. I was hoping you could avoid it. Get feeling better soon!


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