Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday

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Every time I start feeling bad that our Christmas decorations are still up, I look at my neighbor's front door and realize that she still has Halloween decorations up.  I guess when she takes the black cat down, I'll know it really is beyond time to take down the tree.

In Tic-tac-toe, why is it called a cat's game?  Where's the cat?

I have decided that I'm getting old.  I don't know how else to explain my increasing hatred for being cold.  It just seems like I can't get warm, no matter how many layers I put on.

I do think I need some more hoodies, just so it doesn't look like I'm wearing the same few shirts day in and day out.  I promise I'm wearing a different shirt underneath the hoodie each day, okay?

I think it was Mark Twain who said something about "Lies, damned lies, and statistics."  I think of this quote whenever I sit down to study for my statistics class.

I finally manged to take pictures for an entire year!

Aaaaand, I guess I'm out of random for today.

Your turn!

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