Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I had all kinds of things in mind to put in this post today.  I just can't for the life of me remember what they were.

My first baby turned 12 yesterday.  It's very strange.  I loved that little baby so much.  But I love the person she's becoming, so I guess it's okay to say goodbye to the baby and welcome the young woman with open arms.

Ellie and her best friend were each selected to be "Super Student of the Week" in their classes.  They spent the afternoon working on their posters.  It's amazing how big of a deal something that small can be.

I am already tired of school.  The two classes I have this term are killers.  I am very much looking forward to the fact that I won't have any school at all from Spring Break until Fall term starts again.

My brother-in-law Russ is awesome.  He fixed the family picture I want to use for Christmas cards this year so that I'm not wearing sunglasses anymore.  Like I said, awesome.

Wait, is he still my brother-in-law if he's married to my sister-in-law?  As in, his wife is Chris's sister, so not actually related to me.  How does that work?

I wish I had a constant recording of my life so I could always remember the hilarious things Lexi says.  She cracks us up on a daily basis.

Halloween candy is a curse and needs to be exorcised from my house.  Post haste.

I was just told by Vicki's piano teacher to "work with her on a dead hand."  Best piano teacher ever.

Your turn!


  1. Glad Russ was able to help. I haven't even seen the results yet. Sorry school is crazy. I'm just counting down the days to Christmas Break. Oh, wait, that means I need my Christmas shopping done. Blast.

  2. Sorry this is Emily. But I think you knew that.

  3. Yes, as far as I know he's still a brother-in-law. I heard that in Chinese they have a different word for every relative you could possibly have. None of this "my grandpa on my mom's side" or "first cousin once removed" business.

    Fully agree on the halloween candy. Apparently 2-year-olds don't understand that we just aren't going to eat candy for breakfast, and we discuss it every morning.


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