Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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A new quarter of school has started for me, and I am officially in panic mode.  Who would have thought that three more credits could bring on so much more stress?

Last night I dreamed that my friend Becki was a finalist on American Idol.  She lost to some guy who was basically a John Denver impersonator.  It was weird.

Turns out making toast under the broiler, which is what I've been doing since our unfortunate toaster mishap, isn't such a great idea after all.  The good news is, the smoke detectors still work.

I started reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest while on vacation, but it's a HUGE book and I didn't finish it.  Now I'm about 2/3 of the way through, with too much schoolwork to sit and read novels.  When am I going to find time to see how it ends?

Is it weird to collect airplane barf bags?

My house is really, really cold right now.

I somehow managed to gain only three pounds on our cruise.  I'd like to know what would have happened if I'd just eaten like normal.  But cruises are not conducive to eating like normal, so I'll happily take the three extra pounds.

When I have a chance, I'm planning a post with lots of pictures like this one:

Don't hate me too much.

Your turn!

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  1. ME!?!? On American Idol?!? HAHAHAHAHA!! And really, who could beat a John Denver impersonator? That is too too funny.

  2. I would have voted for you Becki ;)

  3. Em, I was just trying to make toast for Ellie, but under the broiler it takes awhile to start to brown at all, but as soon as it does it goes from light brown to black in a matter of seconds. I put it in and started doing something else, and when I went to pull it out, well, it was done.

    Becki, it was a really weird dream. But you were awesome! The John Denver guy was strange, but, yeah, who can beat John Denver.


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