Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

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Did you miss me last week?

We've all recovered from what I am now calling, for lack of a better name, THE VIRUS OF DEATH (yes, the all-caps are necessary, trust me.)  It has been five days since anyone in our house threw up and we're all very excited.

I lost five pounds in three days.  Although I'm delighted with the results, I don't recommend the method.

I love how my kids' hands all still easily slip into mine when we're walking somewhere together.  All three of them are still happy to be holding hands with Mom in public, and it makes me smile.

This morning Ellie and I got to watch more police in action, frighteningly close, as they responded to another shooting call right around the corner from the fabric store we were heading to.  I would be happy to not have to be anywhere near police action again for the rest of my life.

What is it about the phrase "blue lips" that makes it so much fun to say?  Or is it just me?

Now, not only do I want a new camera, I actually need one.  Or at least to get mine fixed.

Being accepted for school would make me feel so much more excited if I hadn't received the acceptance email two minutes after submitting my application.  I guess as long as you have the ability to hit "submit", a community college will take you.

I'm scared to start school again.  I feel too old.

Your turn!

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  1. Back to school? What are you studying? You know you are old when you start talking about how standards have dropped since the first time you were at college!

  2. Good luck with school! I hope you get to be a maternity ward nurse. That would be so fun.


    You'll totally rock school :)

  4. I am glad that you are all starting to feel better. My parents are back in St. George for the weekend. Clear skys and 80 degrees. I'm trying to be happy for them.

  5. Is your "Blue Lips" comment in referance to Scotty? Because when he was younger he would go around saying "Blue Lips" and "Juicy Wings" and then laughing his head off. Thought is was the funniest thing he had ever said, every single time, even the millionth time.


  6. What are you going to school for? So exciting. Good luck!!

  7. I'm gonna be a nurse! Eventually. After I do my prerequisites and then go through the stress of actually applying and waiting to be accepted, rather than being automatically accepted because I have a pulse.

    Blaine, I think your mom told me the "blue lips" story awile back (although I've never heard about "juicy wings" - it doesn't have the same ring for me), and ever since then I have to admit I've agreed with Scotty. It's just fun to say. I'll have to remember to say it lots when you guys are here. I'll train the girls, too, just like old times for you. That will be fun, huh? ;)


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