Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Barack could run. Barack ran so our children could fly."

I'm not sure who first said that, but I heard it shortly after the election, and it brought me to tears. It may be more contextually appropriate to be quoted by an African-American, but then again, maybe not. All our children need to fly, and they need to fly together regardless of race or ethnicity.

Here's to hoping that the next four years (and more!) will bring us the change we need!


  1. Wasn't today wonderful!! Of course by the end I had Abbie asking me questions every few seconds so I didn't hear every word but I heard most of it!

  2. Truly an historic moment.
    I don't know much about Obama. What, from your point of view and from what you know about him, do you think he'll do to help our children fly that the past presidents haven't done? (This question is not meant to be offensive or defensive in any way. I'm just curious as to why everyone loves him. I come in peace!)

  3. I second Carrie in that I want to know what people REALLY want to happen. It's nice to see people so happy and unified. I'm not going a grump on this special day, because it is really important. Being in Alabama I'm around alot more African Americans than usual, and I just have to say it's just nice to see to African Americans see them so happy talking about the President. I'm glad race will be less of an issue fore my daughter. Just think what it will be like for our grandkids.

  4. I agree. It was a very special moment. What a day!!

  5. Carrie and Rachel - I promise...I will answer your question!

    Lindsey - I sent you an email! Where's my invite? ;)


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