Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School!

World's cutest 1st and 3rd graders!

Both girls were up at the crack of dawn, bouncing around in their new school clothes (brown is the color this year, apparently, at least for my children), wolfing down breakfast, repeatedly asking if it was time to go yet. It was actually probably a good thing they kept asking, because I had forgotten what time we have to leave if we're walking to school and had it in my mind that we needed to leave at 8:30, which is the driving time. When we walk we shoot for 8:15. We made it on time (barely), though, and both girls went straight to their lines and patiently let me kiss them goodbye before going inside. They didn't roll their eyes at me too much.

See, this year is no big deal for either of them. Vicki was in a 2nd/3rd grade split class last year and will have the same teacher again - she'll just be one of the "big kids" in the class this year. Lexi's teacher this year was Vicki's teacher for both kindergarten and 1st grade, and Lexi spent a considerable amount of time visiting the classroom with me over those two years. Plus I babysit her daughter, so she's even been to our house! So neither girl had a new teacher to be nervous about, they're both familiar with the classrooms, and they both have at least two good friends in their class. A breeze!

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  1. Yea! You've done a good job of helping them not be scared of school, what with the baby-sitting for the teacher and stuff. :)

    Lexi and Vicki are definately two of the cutest 1st and 3rd graders I've seen. And believe me, I've seen a lot.


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