Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

I almost forgot to take a picture yesterday. But I remembered, and it was before midnight, so it counts!  97 days and still going strong!

We’re leaving this afternoon on a crazy whirlwind wedding trip. I’d share the insane itinerary, but, you know, this is the internet. Suffice it to say that, other than sleeping, I don’t think we’ll be in one place for longer than four hours the entire long weekend.

But my little sister is getting married! Yay! Totally worth the craziness.

My daughters refer to my parents’ dog as Uncle Riff. I’m so not joking. They want to know why he’s not coming to the wedding.

Every time I go upstairs, I think of something I should be doing downstairs. So I go back down. Then I remember that I went upstairs to get something I needed downstairs, so I go back up and get distracted, thereby forgetting whatever it was I went up to get in the first place. At least my legs will be in good shape.

I have so many random thoughts swirling around in my head, I can’t get any of them to sit still long enough to write them down. Such is life.

I miss writing real blog posts.

I used to think I was busy. I knew nothing then. When did life get so crazy?

I know where all the chocolate is hidden. That’s both good and bad.

But I’m going to eat some more while I finish packing!


  1. We are excited to see you on your whirlwind adventures!

    This next part is Abbie typing.

    bfghf fhjfhghghdgdhghxgxsdhfjt yrhgjttjhergjhtjxhjrhjf

  2. This is the best blog post ever.

    I want to meet Uncle Riff.


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