Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Music Program

Last Tuesday was Lexi's music program at school. It was supposed to be in December, but it got cancelled because of the snow. It was kind of a bummer, because Chris was home for the original date, but he had to be in CA last week and missed it. He missed it last year, too, so it was a double bummer, but he took Lexi out for ice cream when he got home to make up for it. Honestly, for her the ice cream was way better than some old music program anyway!

Here she is waiting to get started:

(Sorry the pictures are all really grainy. It's impossible to take decent pictures in the gym at school, at least with my camera.) She was happy to stand next to her current best friend Kinsey, and her buddy Daniel is looking handsome in his blazer in the row behind her.

They sang three songs, one about elves working on shoes, one about snow, and a really cute one about it being the season of love. I did notice that they cut all Christmas references (apart from Jingle Bells, which I suppose isn't technically Christmassy, since anyone can enjoy riding in a one-horse open sleigh.) Here's Lexi showing her actions expertise. At least we know she pays attention, even though she really doesn't sing.

And here is a shot of her pouting, in true Lexi fashion, when she didn't get a set of bells to ring during the Jingle Bells finale. Poor kid, life is so tough.

She got over it quickly, though (also in true Lexi fashion - a real roller coaster, that one.) It was a fun program and she did a great job! We really love the girls' school and the fact that they still make a big deal out of the music classes. Hooray for the arts!


  1. It looks like a lot of fun for both her and you. How did Ellie enjoy the program?

  2. I took my niece, Ilana, to her Holiday Program. They had to play recorders and didn't sing. I didn't get one photo of her because of the auditorium being over-packed. (I'm sure the fire marshal would've shut us down if he were there.)

    These pictures are good and show good emotion. I'm glad to see also that they still have music programs in the schools!

  3. Way cute! I can't wait til my kids can do things like that. Love the pouting picture.

  4. I love these programs! I get a kick out of watching the students who try to make themselves the center of attention or who do it without realizing. Hooray for the teacher in your school who put this together!


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