Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

We washed the cover to Vicki's car seat last night, and this is what I found in the morning when I picked up the seat. It made my day.

The other day I went upstairs while Ellie finished her lunch. After a while I heard her yelling, "Mom! Can I come out of time out now?" Not having actually put her in time out, I figured I better investigate. Apparently she decided to finger paint with her yogurt, and then realized that she probably shouldn't have done it. Nothing like a semi-responsible kid to make a mom smile.

I love the hymns at church. I love how I can almost always find meaning in them that's relevant to my life. We got to church a little late on Sunday. Getting three girls out the door for church, even by 1:00 in the afternoon, is something of an ordeal. The opening hymn on Sunday was "Gently Raise the Sacred Strain", and we walked in just as the congregation started verse 2: "Holy day, devoid of strife." I couldn't stop laughing at the irony. Yep, relevant.

Little girls in matching jammies are too cute for words. This morning the little girl I babysit showed up in PJs that match the ones Ellie got for Christmas. All three of us were delighted by this.

I've been doing a lot of thinking the past few days about tolerance and love, and how those attributes relate to the internet. I don't really feel like saying much more about this right now, but it's on my mind.

I feel like I've accomplished so much lately, organization-wise. The downstairs coat closet is now clean, in case anyone wondered, and I spent today cleaning the playroom (including the closet!) I'm slowly getting there (how pathetic is it that we've lived here for nearly 4 years and I'm just now "getting there"?) Of course, as soon as I get the entire house organized, one of two things will happen: the world will end, or we'll have to move for some reason and I'll have to start all over again.

Why is it that no one wants to playing a room when it's already messy, but as soon as I organize everything and have it perfectly clean, the 3-year-old double tornado rips through, laying waste to an entire afternoon's work?

I absolutely loved this post. I could have written it. I wish I had.


  1. Love the smiley face. And love the Parent's Truce post. So true! I also really enjoy reading your random thoughts Thursday's. You are so clever and witty!!

  2. Getting my house organized is a ten year plan. Though I think I'm just setting myself up for disappointment in ten years.
    LOVE the smiley face. :)

  3. I loved DYM's post too. It is nice to hear other people so clearly articulate how you are feeling. I can tell we need to have a conversation about church hymns. Did you know that there is one that has the same tune as "Go tell and Rhodey"? It is true.

    We need to be neighbors.

  4. Wow! I'm impressed that you are getting so much accomplished. Good for you! I don't have any kids and I have a hard time keeping my house clean!!


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