Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

Guess what? I am awesome. No, really! I figured out how to use Chris's skill saw (at least I think it's a skill saw. It's kind of scary, that's all I know for sure) on Tuesday, all by myself, and cut some 2x4's to block the space underneath the girls' bunkbed so I don't have to take the mattress off and shovel out half their clothes, doll shoes, and last month's homework ever again!

The USB port on the computer is broken. I just discovered this. And I have tons of pictures to get off the camera, some of which I was planning on posting here soon, because there's been a shocking lack of pictures of the girls lately. Lovely. I have no idea how to fix it (something fell off), or if it can be fixed. And Chris is in CA for another night. Good times.

Since Chris is in CA again, tonight is fold laundry while watching "The Office" night. Of course, there's more laundry than there are minutes in "The Office", so I may be watching a few other shows as well.

Why do kids have to grow so fast? Not only are my babies getting really big, but none of their clothes fit them anymore.

We have way too many stuffed kitties in this house. From where I'm sitting I can count 5, and that doesn't include the ones in the girls' room.

I feel like I'm finally getting my house back to its organized state after...well, I don't know after what, since I can't actually remember the last time my entire house was organized all at once. There's this tornado-type thing called kids, see...But now the downstairs is clean (except for the coat closet, but I'm getting to that), my bedroom is clean (except for the closet, but that's penciled in for tomorrow, possibly. Oh, and my craft (read: junk) closet, but there's just no way to keep that clean, so we just ignore it), the girls' room is spotless (well, there's the crib pieces and all the clothes that don't fit anyone in the closet, but other than that...okay, closets really aren't my strong point, I'm seeing that now.) Here I sit in the playroom/office, surrounded by toys no one really cares about until I threaten to get rid of them, but the rest of the house is clean! (Just don't look in the closets)

I really hate laundry. I mean really. I don't think I'd mind it so much if there was an end in sight, but it just never, ever ends. Ever. Maybe we should become nudists.

Wall-E is the cutest robot ever. Ellie watches him every day, and he's still cute.

Ask me in two weeks if I still think that.

Lindsey, I sent you an email. Where's my invite? ;)

When Ellie and her friends play "the honey game", I always have to be the grandma. Why is that?

I need more good books to read.


  1. Hey Allison--

    Great blog! That was really fun to read! I have to agree that laundry is mundane but I hate dishes even more! I loathe them you might even say! Them and paper! I can't stand paper! It gets stacked so easily all over the place and I'm always the one who has to go through it and throw it all away/organize it somehow!
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I got a kick out of your post!

  2. I hate laundry too. There always seems to be one load in the dryer that never never gets folder. I'm impressed you are down to your closets...if the rest of your house is organized you are impressive.

    Three Cups of Tea...must read..

  3. For some bizarre reason your email went into my spam box. Weird! I'm glad you said something or I might not have ever checked. I just thought you didn't want to see my blog. Glad you do. Anyway, I will send you and invite asap! Sorry about that!!!
    p.s. Closets aren't my strong point either.

  4. Luckily, 30Rock is on right after The Office, so I hope there was tons of laundry. 30Rock is great. Is it as good as Arrested Development? "Almost," if not "Yes" . . .


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