Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

Here it is: the Best. Hat. Ever. I think anyone who loves the outdoors will see the need for this priceless item. You will need to read the comments to fully appreciate it, although the photo definitely speaks for itself. (thanks for this, Dave!)

Speaking of photos, here is a shot of how Ellie packed for our trip:

She was very excited to do it all by herself, and I had to repack while she was in bed because she was offended that I thought she hadn't done it right. She packed, for two weeks of vacation, a pair of PJs, three shirts, and a teddy bear. Who needs underpants?

I have decided that the amount of time spent waiting in the checkout line at Costco increases exponentially with the number of children you brought with you, times the crankiness of said children. And the speed of the checkout lines on either side increases at an equal rate.

It's really hard to get back into a routine when you've had two weeks of little or no responsibility. I do have to say, thought, that my girls have been really good about being ready for school on time the past three days. This is particularly impressive because all three days they've gone to school 40 minutes early with Lexi's teacher when she dropped off her daughter.

I will clarify now: they have been really good about being ready. Getting ready is a completely different story.

I took this picture on our trip. That's all the sign said. What does it mean?

Chris's brother Scotty had his tonsils out a couple of days before we left to come back home. It's not a fun experience for an adult, and he was pretty miserable afterward. Every single time we've prayed since we've been home Ellie has reminded us to pray for Uncle Scotty. With all those prayers, he's gotta be feeling at least a little better!

Coming home to a clean house is the nicest feeling in the world. If only it would stay clean...

I was going through some old files on the computer and found this conversation from several months ago that I'd most likely recorded for the purpose of posting it here. However, I don't think I ever actually did, so I'm sharing it now:
  • Ellie: MOM!
  • Me: What?
  • E: (leans conversationally on her hand)...yeah.
  • M: Yeah?
  • E: You know...
  • M: (thoroughly confused) You know?
  • E: NO! It's MY turn to say "you know"!
  • M: Okaaaay...
  • E: You know...
  • M: know.
  • E: (covering my mouth with her hand) NO! It's NOT your turn!!!
  • M: Sorry.
  • E: You know...

I also found this picture, from Dec. 2005. We get a lot of strange squirrels around these parts.


  1. Oh that hat, where to begin. I don't know if it the protection I need for my neck and shoulders or the desire to start a conversation with someone about it, or even my desire to enact the mountain man days of yore - but I must have that hat!

  2. I like how it says that you can "relive the era of the mountain man". I, for one, do not miss the era of the mountain man.
    Oh and that squirrel is awesome!

  3. You should be careful about links to hats. You never know when someone might find a hat online and decide to buy....and then wear it.
    And I Heart that squirrel. I really do.


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