Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

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I just realized I have two posts sitting in my drafts box that I wrote a long time ago, and if I post them now, they're not really relevant, but it seems like a waste to just trash them.  So at some point soon you'll probably see posts here with a disclaimer stating just how long ago I wrote them.  Heads up.

I was supposed to start school on Monday.  But my classes this term (all two of them) are online, and the system was down.  It was also down all day Tuesday.  But yesterday I finally got to start my Chemistry class!  I think I'm going to like it.

I didn't get to start my computer class, because I need Microsoft Office 2010, and we only had 2003.  I'm installing it now.  Wish I'd known about that before yesterday.

I'm pretty sure there's someone walking around on my roof.

Ellie was describing a boy in her class to me.  She told me "he's the one who looks like [another boy in the class], only taller."  It reminded me of Ramona Quimby and "Bruce who doesn't wee-wee in the sandbox."  At least she's not going all Junie B. on us and calling them things like Meanie Jim or Crybaby William.

I have had Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" in my head for the last three days.  Help.

Tomorrow night, Chris and I will finally watch the finale of LOST.  Then what will I obsess over?  Probably getting a 4.0.  No time for TV - gotta study!

Your turn!

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  1. So we need to schedule our post-Lost dinner? Can't wait!

  2. It can't be worse than Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, Glee Cast version. Although that it is great exercise music.


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