Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Honest Reporting

Lexi's homework assignment tonight was this:

Observation (noticing details with out eyes) is very importand in science!  Look around your house carefully.  Write 10 observations that you think most people wouldn't notice about your house if they came over.
Her response?

1. Our walls are messy
2. No fish in the fish bowls
3. Our stairs are dirty
4. Our computer screen is dirty
5. My bed is boring
6. Our room is boring
7. We have 40 light bulbs
8. We have 8 blinds
9. We have 11 doors
10. Our bathroom is messy
Well, then.  Okay.  Thanks for the observations, Lexi.

I take comfort in the fact that she thinks most people wouldn't notice these things about our house if they came over.

*Edited 15 minutes later to add: I am now absolutely horrified that I put this on the internet for all to see.  In my defense: I don't know what she thinks is wrong with the walls; the fish bowls are decorative and hang on the wall and still look cool without fish, the carpet on the stairs is the cheapest variety possible, and I swear it stains if you look at it; yes, the computer screen is dirty; I don't see anything wrong with her bed or their room; I've never counted our light bulbs, blinds, or doors, bus she's probably right and at least these things aren't embarassing (although...40 light bulbs?  Really?); if they picked up their clothes and towels and didn't persist in smearing toothpaste all over the counter and sink their bathroom wouldn't be so messy!  There.  I feel better now.


  1. Only because you are such a perfectionist when it comes to grammar, (and I NEVER get to do this to you) you need to read your post as there are some typos. (My favorite is that observation is noticing things with out eyes.)

    Not that you need to hear that after writing such a self-effacing post. Don't worry we all feel that way about our homes. Thankfully my kids aren't old enough to notice. (But I have had comments from a few of their friends.)

  2. We were going to come visit you guys, but now, hmm, I don't know... 8 Blinds? Hmm...


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