Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Why is it that I have all kinds of random thoughts, but as soon as I sit down to blog them, they all go out the window?

I’m starting to think that it won’t matter how much I sweep, mop, or pick up, my living room will just continue to look trashy as long as there are multiple cases of cookies stacked in it.

I love watching the Olympics. I just wish NBC wasn’t showing it so late at night. I need more sleep.

It’s hilarious to listen to two little girls pretend that they’re having a baby, and talk about how it took 2 years for the baby to come out. Although I’m pretty sure anyone who’s given birth will probably agree that sometimes it sure feels that way.

Why don’t people wear pants that fit?

I wonder if I should have yet another blog for all the pictures I’m not posting over at Project 365. Because some days there are an awful lot. Not that anyone would want to look at them.

I got a Facebook friend request from “Utah Bouncy Houses” and I really have no idea why.

I’m not going to mention laundry this week.

My brother and sis-in-law got to play with baby turtles on their cruise a couple of weeks ago and I am so stinking jealous.

Why are the ants coming back already? I don’t want to deal with this yet!  And why are they only upstairs?

I would like everyone reading this to know: I like blogstalkers.  You're welcome to visit and welcome to comment anytime, although I would prefer it if your comments were of the friendly variety.  Just so we're all clear on that.  Visits, good.  Comments, good.  Ironic mean comments, bad (but funny.)

The princesses in my house just shut me into the playroom.  That's probably an indication that they're up to no good and don't want me to know about it.  It's a nice day; I think I'll force the royalty to take things outside.


  1. You need a pad of paper and a pen with you at all times to write those thoughts down!

    I know I don't comment a lot, but I love reading your blog. It makes me giggle!!!

  2. I love the Olympics too. Russ and I have watched until 10:00 every night this week. Last night stayed up late to watch the end of the men's figure skating. I haven't had this much fun with the Olympics since I was a kid.

    Did you get another mean comment?

  3. Love your blog and Project 365 and how it keeps us posted on the happenings of our favorite Oregonians in Portland!

    Loved the turtle video, too--plan to show it to my Kindergartners. So cute!

    Love you lots!


  4. I too love watching the Olympics, but I've been a super slacker this time. But that's what TiVo is for, right. Someday I will catch up.

  5. We've both had a harder time each morning waking up! Does your prime time start at 7pm like ours does? Last night, we actually switched off the Olympics to finish the Dr. Who episode from Netflix that has been laying around all week and a past episode of Vampire Diaries from Tivo :)

    "Why don’t people wear pants that fit?"


    "I wonder if I should have yet another blog for all the pictures I’m not posting over at Project 365. Because some days there are an awful lot. Not that anyone would want to look at them."

    I have so failed at Project 365! I got to about 30 days and then I'd start thinking about it late at night, or find that Pamela had the camera. I have another week's worth on my camera that I never got on the blog. But I think you could always put a link to your other pics from the day, or just make the first pic your "official" picture of the day and post the rest underneath.

    I'm handing the reins of the family blog over to Pamela, so stay tuned for that. You'll have a blogging buddy!

  6. I should probably just delete it, but for anyone curious, the above comment roughly translates (according to babelfish) as:

    "Woolen sweater said… In each person life possibly runs into the honored person, these honored people not necessarily really honored, he is possibly the stranger, is also possibly your enemy"


    Also, don't click on the link. I don't know where it would lead you, but I imagine it wouldn't be good.


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