Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

What is it about guacamole that makes me eat so much of it?

I’m letting the girls walk home from school alone again today. It just occurred to me that maybe I shouldn’t be advertising this on the internet. Hmmm...

I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the laundry piling up in the hall. I need to fold it, but there’s just so much of it.

How is it that a room can go from spotless to a complete disaster in less than five minutes? Maybe if we figure out the answer to this question, everything else will fall into place, the universe will align, and world peace will be realized.

...or maybe my house will just be cleaner.  That would be okay, too.

Google would like to have access to my location. Why does that make me slightly nervous? Keel da google!!!

I have a new lasagna recipe I think I’ll try tonight. I’ve been using the recipe handed down for generations in my family (actually, I think my mom got it from my grandma, who got it from the back of the lasagna noodles box, but no one has to know that), but I’d like to see if there’s something better out there.

I just read a post here about pronunciations. This is an ongoing issue in our house. I, too, am “bizarrely fascinated by pronunciations.” Grammar nerd, you know.

I had a strange desire to read a Jane Austen book this week.  But I don't own Emma (although I thought I did), so the moment passed and I picked up Wuthering Heights instead.

I think I need to watch Anne of Green Gables again sometime soon.  I need a Gilbert Blythe fix. (love you, honey!)


  1. A house that stays clean is the equivalent of world peace in my book. And too bad I don't live there still (for lots of reasons) but then I could have loaned you "Emma." I would LOVE it if you became a Jane Austen fan. Come over to the dark side, you know you want to!!!

  2. I need a Gilbert Blythe fix too. I think I will be watching that today.

  3. I'm with you on guacamole - it's just sooo delicious. Laundry is my archenemy, and even more so now that I have 3 kids.

  4. No a clean house definitely equals world peace.

    I also almost sent that pronunciation blog to you, but then remembered you link her as well. BTW do you know why she doesn't blog for Parenting anymore?

    My last girl fix that I would highly recommend other than Anne of Green Gables is Gilmore Girls. The writing is brilliant. Just make sure you start at season one. The last few seasons are lame.

  5. BTW that Keel da google comic is hilarious!

  6. That pronunciation thing is funny. Especially when she says her "roof" rhymes with "hoof" but not "aloof" when my "roof" and "hoof" both rhyme with "aloof". I'm assuming her "roof" sounds more like "ruff". heh. (I once wrote a long post about pronouncing place names. I'm not as funny as this girl, though)

    Wuthering Heights is great. But I recommend Jane Austen first. :) And not Emma. I'd start with P&P or S&S. But that's just me. I didn't like Mansfield Park that well, and I'm in the middle of Northanger Abbey and can't say I like it either. Elizabeth Bennett is probably my favorite Austen heroine, and these other girls just don't measure up. ~sigh~

    I just typed "Withering" and had to fix it. Oops. :)

    I <3 Gilbert Blythe. Even more than Edward (in my head, not the movies. He's okay in the movies).

    My word verification says "hothys". Because yes, Gilbert Blythe IS a hottie. As is Edward (in my head).


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