Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Only one cookie left in the house.  This is good.  Especially since on Saturday the seven boxes of Girl Scout cookies we collectively ordered (because Vicki and Lexi each ordered themselves a box to not share with anyone else) will be here, along with the over 100 boxes we need to deliver to other people.  Good times.

I would like to lose 10 lbs. in the next couple of months.  In light of the previous paragraph, I do not see that as even a remote possibility, and I should probably just go embrace that fact and eat the last cookie.  Right?

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast.  It's amazing how fast they'll get out of bed for that.  I should do it more often.

Yesterday Vicki told me, "Mom, Ms. M. says we can bring Valentines on Friday after all.  Can you go buy me some tomorrow?"  So today, because I am the World's Best Mom (darn it), I went to not one, but two stores and actually managed to find Harry Potter Valentines.  She better appreciate me, because that's two favors in one week.  Those kids, always pushing their luck.

I am currently reading The Help.  Oh, my.  What a good book.  Day two and I'm over halfway through.  So, so good.  (Thanks Rachel!)

Ellie is still convinced that she can control automatic doors by waving her hands.  I can't stop laughing when we're out together.

I swear this room was clean 10 minutes ago.  Human tornadoes, that's what they are.

I don't understand what people find so threatening about teachers wearing religious clothing.  I'm glad Oregon is working towards no longer being one of the last three states with a ban on this.

Chris is in CA again.  I get to take all the kids to Lexi's gymnastics class.  That's always so much fun!

Is Farmville really all that entertaining?  I mean, sure, it's probably better than folding laundry, but I'd much rather waste my time reading a book than harvesting virtual acreage or feeding virtual unicorns or hunting down the virtual Mafia.

Ellie is so excited because I told her we were having a "whatever night" for dinner.  She gets to choose whatever she wants for dinner (within reason, and preferably already in our house) and she's already decided she's having...a hot dog.  Oh, to be four.

I'm making alfredo sauce for a Valentine's party which is being hosted by fabulously talented cook.  Can you say intimidated?

I guess I'll go take care of that last cookie now, and read my book.  And maybe even fold the towels!  Or I could just read the book...


  1. Wait, does Farmville have UNICORNS??? Maybe I do wanna accept those invites.

  2. I am with you on the farmville thing. I much prefer my actual garden or anything to virtual harvesting.

  3. Eat the cookie! I tried to cut all sweets out of my diet... I lasted less than a week.

    Also - I don't know who Rachel is but I've been telling you about that book since last summer! And I want the credit - by gum! :)

    Isn't it AMAZING? Do you have anything else that good to read. Ever since I read it I've been in a drought.

  4. I heard that The Help is good. Since I trust your opinion so much, I am going to give it a go!

    Yeah, eat the cookie. Just do it.

  5. Dye the alfredo sauce pink. That might be festive for Valentines... or just look gross, I don't know yet.

  6. Brandy, (hi! Thanks for stopping by!) the unicorn thing was possibly from some other game, who knows. I just block them all.

    Em, Rachel is my book-supplying buddy up here. You did tell me about it, all credit to you there, but she loaned (lent?) me her brand-spanking-new copy before she even read it. So she gets the credit for that. :)

    Mela, go for it! It's so worth it!

    Robbie, um, thanks for the...creative suggestion, but I think I'll stick with normal alfredo. I have issues with coloring food pink ever since Mom dyed the Rice Krispie treats pink for Valentine's day. Remember? It looked like raw hamburger. Blech.

  7. I just read "The Help" a little while ago, isn't it fantastic? I loved it!!!


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