Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Which I Blog about Nothing

I can't think of anything to blog about.

Okay, that's not true.

I can think of LOTS of things to blog about.  I just can't get them to come out sounding right.

Like how I wanted to stay up late reading the other night and decided to be responsible and go to bed (relatively) early instead.

Or, conversely, how I should have done two loads of laundry yesterday but didn't.  I only did one, and then only because I wouldn't have had clean undies today otherwise.  It's all about me, you know.  But now no one seems to have any jammies.

Or how I'm loving Lexi's Brownie troop more and more all the time.  We had a great meeting yesterday, led by Vicki, who is trying to earn her Junior Aide award.

Or how Chris and I have watched two completely different but still both awesome movies the last two weekends: The Tunnel and Stranger Than Fiction.  One left us emotionally on edge for hours afterward (which is a great then when the movies ends at midnight) and one left us on a laughing high for hours afterward (much better, no matter the time.)

Or how I baked snickerdoodles on Sunday, and when Ellie told her sisters about it, she said, "We're making stickernoo... Um, we're making stickernoo... We're making cookies!!!"

But I can't seem to blog about those things in any coherent way.

Perhaps the universe is sending me a message: Put Down the Blog and Slowly Step Away.  And Nobody Gets Hurt.

Time to do some laundry and pick some kids up from school.  Possibly even in that order.

If I don't get distracted by the "stickernoodles" first.


  1. This is almost like a random thoughts post. You can tell Ellie that I like Stickernoodles too.

    BTW -I made the tomato soup from "The Book" and it was AMAZING! Too bad I was the only one that thought so.

  2. Thanks for the movie recommendations, keep em comin. We've watched Stranger Than Fiction, good. Just added Der Tunnel to the queue.

  3. Ok, "Stranger Than Fiction" has to be on of my all time favorite movies! I love love love it! So glad you liked it too.
    p.s. You make me laugh!


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