Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

I had no idea when I started my Project 365 how hard it would be to take a different picture every day.  Good grief, it's not even February yet!

Why is it so easy to complain, or to think of things to complain about, and so much harder to be positive?

I like positivity.

I want need a better camera. (if you can justify it as a need, it's more likely to happen, right?)

Why is it that I feel incredibly motivated to get things done on the days when I have no real time for getting them done, but on days like today, when I have no car and therefore really have nothing to do but get things done...I sit at the computer and make up excuses for staying there.

I did get my lesson for Sunday figured out, though, so I can justify that little bit of time.

Clutter overwhelms me.

Why can't we all just agree that my views are the right ones?  Bam, world peace. :)

On that note, my fellow Oregonians, don't forget to vote (yes)!

There is blue sky and sunshine out my window.  I may need to round up the munchkins in my house and go outside to play.

Aaaaand...if the munchkins in my house were willing to put on clothes, that would work.

(after that comment about positivity, this still wasn't the world's most positive RTT, was it?  But I'm laughing at the clothes-less kiddos, not complaining about them.  I can go outside by myself!)

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  1. If you have your lesson for Sunday done you definitely deserve a little computer veggie time.


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