Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Go That Way, Really Fast. If Something Gets in Your Way, Turn.

I learned to ski when I was 15, but Chris has been skiing pretty much since he could walk. His family goes every year on Christmas Eve, and his mother finally admitted this year that they started the tradition to wear the kids out so they’d go to bed that night.

We’ve been taking Vicki since she was four years old, but Lexi has a different personality, and she hasn’t been interested in the past. This year we decided that it was time for her to give it a try. And Ellie, never one to be outdone by her sisters, was ready to give it a shot, too.

When we took Vicki the first time, we just took her up the lift and then nearly broke our (and by “our”, I mean “Chris’s”) back skiing really slowly down with her. She laughed the whole way up the chairlift and cried the whole way down the slope every single time. We managed to convince her that she had fun, and she’s skied every year since then.

Although this method probably would have worked with Ellie, and likely without the tears, we’ve known all along that there’s no way it would work with Lexi. Our niece Abbie is the same way. So Chris’s parents decided to enroll the three beginners in ski school. Ellie and Abbie had 1-hour private lessons, and Lexi was part of a small class. This was definitely the way to do it, because all three girls had an absolute blast and can’t wait to do it again.

Look at me, I’m on skis!

Ready to go!

The most gorgeous skiers on the slopes!

Ellie wore a constant grin and talked to her instructor the whole time. The. whole. time.  He probably didn't understand a single word she said to him, but then that never stops her.  She actually did learn some things, though. If you ask her about skiing, she’ll tell you, “Pizza slice, and no kissing!”

All by herself!

Vicki and Grandpa, in a rare, but necessary, truce from their prank war

I couldn’t resist! Her control has gotten so much better, but even the best skiers wipe out sometimes!

Unfortunately, you can’t ski like that on an empty stomach and without any fluids, which is exactly what Vicki tried to do, and we learned just what dehydration feels like. After throwing up twice in the car on the way down the mountain (didn’t help that she’s already prone to motion sickness and it was a winding road) and sipping three glasses of Gatorade, she was back to normal, though, and I doubt it will ever happen again.

She wasn’t the only one worn out by all the hard work, either.

Ellie crashed in the car on the way down and stayed completely asleep when I carried her into the house, laid her in the chair, and removed her coat and snowpants.

She was completely awake, though, as soon as the words, “Do you want a cookie?” were uttered.

That's my girl.


  1. Hi Alison,
    This is Kylie - your lab partner from AP Physics way back at ACS. Apart from the fact you just quoted from my favoritest movie ever (at least when I was 10) that was pretty cute.
    The dehydration thing is way too easy to repeat- and not very fun.


  2. Hi Kylie! How could I forget AP physics? All, what, 8 of us in that class... I knew "K" was you - I've followed your profile to your blog when you've commented before. I'm just not great at replying to comments :P I was hoping someone would pick up on the movie quote!

  3. Maybe my parents should have done that with me. I HATE skiing!!! But I think it's the cold factor for me. I can't stand the cold.


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